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Chiropractor Who Cares

At FWC, we want you to understand that our approach may be different than what you may have experienced with other chiropractors. We are thorough and don’t do any guesswork when it comes to your health.
  • First, we take the time to determine if the type of care we provide is appropriate for your condition.
  • Then after a thorough history, examination, and in-house digital x-rays (if necessary), Dr. Miller will determine what treatment is necessary for your condition. 
  • We will then present in detail a Corrective Treatment Plan with goals and progress exams to make sure that you’re getting the most benefit out of your care.
  • Finally, we will explain all plan details and any costs expected for you to reach and maintain your optimum health.
We also offer education classes for our patients so they don’t un-do the treatment they receive and can have ownership over their health.
Patient preparing for X-ray
Patient exam
Staff welcoming patient

General Chiropractic

There are dozens of good chiropractors in the Rio Grande Valley.  Many of them practice general chiropractic, and although techniques may be different, their treatment goals are typically to temporarily reduce pain, increase range of motion, and/or reduce muscle tension or spasm.
These are excellent goals and produce some great outcomes.

Corrective/Rehabilitative Chiropractic

At Family Wellness Chiropractic, we focus on the concept of Structural Correction.  We like to dig a bit deeper to find and fix the cause of your health concern versus using a patch. Some people are okay with doing this; however, many people have grown tired of temporarily relieving their symptoms over and over and are ready to find a solution with long term results.

Enhancement/Maintenance Care

Once we get your condition under control, it only makes sense to try to keep it that way! Since life’s stressors are unavoidable, and it’s easier to fix a problem before the pain or other symptoms appear, most of our patients choose Enhancement Care after undergoing Corrective Care.  We liken it to a dental retainer; if you invest the time and money into braces to straighten your child’s teeth, you’d make sure to buy a retainer to maintain them, right?

Our initial goal is to decrease pain, inflammation, & muscle spasm, but our fundamental focus is to restore your body’s structural posture to as close as normal as possible, so your body can function at its best.

Dr. Miller with Kevin Bull American Ninja Warrior
The front entrance of Family Wellness Chiropractic
Quote painted on the wall: The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body