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I first came in to see Dr. Miller because I was having major back pain. For a few weeks I had difficulty sitting up, lying down and squatting. My results from Dr. Miller’s care were great and I returned to 100%. I even saw an increase in my regularity. I really liked the friendliness and professionalism of the staff; they show that they truly care.

Joanne P.

I am a very active person and getting back to those activities was important to me.  FWC has worked hand-in-hand with me to make sure that I get back out there.  I would recommend this office to my friends and family.  They are knowledgeable and caring.

Erica W.
Dr. Miller and Patient examining x-ray

Before I came to see Dr. Miller, I had neck and back pain for about 15 months. I was also seeing a therapist for depression 3 times a week, but my condition worsened so I quit going.  I drive all the way from San Benito, and it’s totally worth it.  My pain is gone, my range of motion is better, and my overall mood has improved.

Nora H.
Dr. Miller adjusting a patient

I have suffered from some sort of back pain for as long as I can remember due to the fact that I have Lupus.  I had resigned to the idea that I would just live with pain always… I can’t describe the pleasure of what it is like to not live in constant pain everyday anymore. My rheumatologist was so pleased that I finally found relief… It is delightful to have a pain-free life.

Jennifer R.

I had suffered from leg pain for a month or two when I came to see Dr. Miller. Now I have no more pain and overall increased range of motion.  I was even able to run a marathon!

Kristy A.

Now, I rarely have back pain, but I’ve also found that chiropractic are also helped with constipation! I had even been on birth control pills to help me start my menstrual cycle, but I don’t need them anymore! I never knew that chiropractic care could help to regulate my menstrual cycle! I also feel that my mood has changed for the better! I used to have a lot of anxiety and it has shown improvement.

Vanessa D.

This year, I turned 35 and I just didn’t feel like me! I put on 10 pounds, I had serious brain fog, low energy, and I just never felt quite right. I have been seeing Dr. Miller for over a month, and I have seen so many improvements. I am in much less pain and discomfort, but there are other benefits too! I am sleeping better at night.  During the day, I have more energy and less brain fog. Before I started chiropractic, it was hard to concentrate and get through work and my to-do list. I’ve found myself so much more focused, productive and energetic, and I feel amazing! Thank you, Dr. Miller!

Sarah M.
Dr. Miller performing a wellness check on a child

The treatment and the staff were excellent, and I continue with maintenance care in order to lengthen the time that I can work as a professor at UTRGV. I love the personal attention and professionalism at Family Wellness Chiropractic!

Dr. Lino G.

Dr. Tiffany has helped my husband and I so much.  Before treatment my neck and shoulders always ached.  After treatment I am able to live and move pain free.  I also credit chiropractic care for helping me have a super quick delivery! 40 minutes labor!! My baby has seen Dr. Miller as well starting at a week old. She has been my most calm baby. My husband is able to remain active because of chiropractic care.  I honestly cannot say enough positive things.

Jessica S.